Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Genesis and Christmas

                                          "Genesis" 22 X 30" acrylic on paper.  Available for sale.

I just wrote an article based upon the writings from Dr. Tom Harpur's The Pagan Christ for the Freemasonic Holy Royal Arch December Notice.  For those that have no idea the Holy Royal Arch is another adjunct body within Freemasonry that speaks to deeper truths of finding the missing word symbolic of the missing spiritual or component of enlightenment within each human being.  I just finished writing an article that pertains to this annual time of the year which contains nothing of a secretive nature but rather hopes to spark the thought on what this season or time of the year may represent.  In doing so i was drawn to the painting of mine i called "Genesis" that may indeed fit perfectly to what i am delivering in the Royal Arch Notice.

"The Real Meaning of Christmas-

Christmas as an annual festival of light and the element fire once more returns and how many realize that the Christian holiday is far more pagan and ancient in complexion?  We can see the symbolism of fire everywhere- the annual burning of the yule log, the lighting of candles, the decorated tree and house decorations and the fact that December 25th marks the older pagan holiday ‘Die Natalis’ or birthday of the Sun which comes after the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year, thus light triumphs once more over darkness.  December 25th was the birthday of all the ancient sun gods, especially Mithras the figure from whom the early Christian took and reinvented their Christ figure from who was born in a cave.  The Christos spirit of light is symbolically born December 25th in every human soul.  To mythographer Dr. Joseph Campbell the virgin birth represented the potential birth of the spiritual to the merely natural life and recognition that there are higher values and aims in living rather than self-preservation, pleasure, reproduction, the acquisition of money and things, struggle for power and status.  It symbolizes the birth of the heart- of love and compassion- or the idea of cyclically being given the opportunity at this time to be spiritually ‘born again’ that Jesus spoke of which is so completely misunderstood by fundamentalists today.  "So the question posed by the annual Christmas celebration is not if you believe in a literal virgin birth or not, but rather have you experienced your own divinity born from within you?"  Are you claiming your spiritual inheritance as being more than human animal but rather as a divine fully spiritual human being who is self aware?  "According to Herodotus, the ‘father of history’, the Egyptian correspondent Jesus was 
Iu-em-hetep or Iusu, was one of eight great gods who were described in papyri almost 20,000 year ago.  He bore different names as specific cults changed but the ancient messiah was a anthropomorphic representational figure that came from age to age which represented cosmic lunar and solar symbolism.  The solstices and equinoxes marked his waxing and waning presence and his constant repetition was the assurance of unfailing fulfillment."  The elevation of human consciousness into the divine and the fulfillment of a kingdom born of goodness, truth, beauty and love.  Interesting that the phrase “Our Lord the Sun” was used by every Christian up to the sixth century CE until it was changed to “Our Lord, the God.” (The Pagan Christ by Tom Harpur)  The essential truth of all human cultures presented by all wisdom religions of antiquity is that there resides within each of us a divine spark or ‘sun’, a divine light that is part of the ONE eternal essence (whatever that may be- the great and eternal mystery spoken about in ancient Hebrew mysticism, the Kabbalah).  All sun symbolism of all religions and the great initiatic Mystery cults of ancient Greece, Egypt, Persia and further East were an attempt to express the one truth of all Christ like figures found in ancient antiquity who were denominated sun gods that each human being all share in the potential, we all share in this holy, divine and primordial fire."    

For more read
The Pagan Christ by Dr. Rev. Tom Harpur and The Jesus Mysteries by Dr. Timothy Freke and Dr. Peter Gandy.  I would also suggest The Gnostic Gospels by Dr. Elaine Pagels.             

Tuesday, 4 December 2012


Both "Ancient Petroglyph" and "Intuition of the Great Mother" celebrate nature and were sold to a women who entered Garry Green's gallery and saw them and simply loved them and had to have both pieces.  They are both framed paper acrylic pieces 22" X 30" and just gorgeous (if i may say so) in person.  
Quantum Weirdness and Changing States of Consciousness...

There is little doubt in my own mind that language and civilisation itself arose out of a shift in consciousness brought about by some form of proto shamanism, approximately 40,000 years ago.   Reading Graham Hancock's Supernatural -Ancient Teachers of Humanity and more (Greek Mysteries-the archaeology and ritual of ancient Greek Mystery Cults by Michael B Cosmopoulos) and the works of psychiatrist Benny Shannon, the beginnings of organised religions (awareness of or a belief in higher intelligences) it seems humans have been dousing their nervous systems with entheogens since at least 30,000 BCE.  Whether North or South American, African, Australian Aboriginals, pre-Vedic Hindu's, Eleusinian Mystery Initiations of Greece or even anointing/King making ceremonies as described by the Pyramid Texts of Unas (4300 BCE) as related by Anthropologist Jeremy Naydler (Shamanic Wisdom of the Pyramid Texts) we find  people engaging in contact with other intelligences aided by mushrooms, soma, peyote cactus, eboga, ayahuasca and other DMT and related entheogens.   The catalogue is substantive, over 2,000 different varieties of chemicals may be found around the world and i believe it can be safely said a definitive link between use of the substances and a belief in higher or intra-dimensional intelligences are the most probably basis for what we find is ritual based religion's existing today.

Even more curious is the basis of all forms of religious and ecstatic experience where people report contact with all forms of altered state intelligences- magical beings, UFO beings, the Virgin Mary and Jesus, Buddha, all forms of beings seem to be seen, but how is this possible?  To be sure human beings around the world ARE having a genuine experience and seeing something but what?  How to explain the phenomena except when one begins to realise that it may be higher forms of consciousness or beings that are intra-dimensional that we interpret through our own nervous systems based also upon own cultural backgrounds?  Scientist Jacques Valle published his own scientific thoughts based on studies and found that indeed we are having experiences of some kind and that may be because of our own nervous systems generating its own brand of reality based upon cultural conditioning imprinted upon our consciousness.

Collating the research by several thousand scientific researchers on all majour continents over a period of decades we can come to some conclusions:
1) that evidence can be explained by Bell's Theorum: that parallel universes seem to be presenting themselves or we are accessing them in some fashion (a plausible explanation); OR/AND;
2) some human beings with highly evolved psychic powers are somehow manipulating reality (which i doubt very much as i think the bulk of humanity and even the smart ones aren't that smart/intelligent or spiritually capable of such influence or if they were that greatly adept wouldn't be screwing around in such a manner) OR;
3) we are being contacted or experimented upon by beings from another dimension or world (doubtful) OR;
4) we share this planet with other intelligent species which remain invisible or manifest themselves in forms in any way they choose (some call these "Ultra-Terrestrials") called fairies, demons, angels (I'm not sold but maybe, who knows?) OR;
5) We are evolving into a newer state of evolution with altered neural circuitry.  This activation is already happening as exemplified in new temporal states of temporary weirdness that seem to be happening at an increasing rate for some- objects appear, disappear, extra-sensory experiences, synchronicity;
6) a combination or permutation of one or two, some of the above.

To be sure i speculate as Alan Watts, Niels Bohr do that reality seems to be plural, malleable or mutable, its certainly not fixed which then really gives theologians, priests, philosopher's and scientists plenty of grief or fodder.  The notion that reality is singular and fixed in some hermetically sealed container is inaccurate.  Rather if matter evolves so too do energy systems (Living Energy Universe by Dr. Shwartz & Dr. Russek).  Writer Robert A. Wilson writes: "The only 'realities' (plural) that we actually experience and can talk meaningfully about are perceived realities, experienced realities, existential realities- realities involving ourselves as editors- and they are all relative to the observer, fluctuating, evolving, capable of being magnified and enriched, moving from low resolution to hi-fi, and do not fit together like the pieces of a jig-saw into one single Reality with a capital R."

Given all this information and ideas of so many models of realities, existence and consciousness i find useful to think that any model we do construct MUST include and be validated by science, by also by personal expereince as discovered through a Hermetic, Magick, Gnostic, Kabbalistic Philosophy and Shamanic entheogenic process.  "Learning to die before we die" infers we must come to consciousness while we are individuated in our bodies using our minds and spirits to their utmost to expereince reality- whatever that may be and wherever it may lead us---but it will surely lead us to a greater understanding of ourselves, our true nature, the creator, and our ultimate destiny.            



Saturday, 17 November 2012

RED-  I saw the play "Red" last night at the Royal MB Theatre Centre in Winnipeg, second last night of the play and i had to see it.  I felt for some weeks that there was some reason that i had to go---and in retrospect i'm glad that i did.  The story follows a moment in time of the famous and self-taught American abstract artist Mark Rothko (1903-1970) and the dialogue he has about art and life with his assistant Ken.  Beautifully played by actor Oliver Becker the play takes place in the artists studio during a time in 1958 when the Seagrams company completed their corporate HQ and commissioned him to make some paintings for the buildings luxury restaurant the Four Seasons.   Rothko was uneasy about making the paintings for the enjoyment of wealthy diners- people who may not 'see' or even try to make an attempt to connect to work he felt transcended the mundane.   As a visual artist i could totally relate.  The writing was clever and astute zeroing in many of the philosophical aspects of making art that changes or otherwise impacts people's psyche.  The play was a demonstration of Rothko's ego and his integrity, his ambition but also his authentic nature playing out.  

I think i understood the reasons for his anguish and frustration much as i am today with why more people cant see the truth in art & architecture--the sacred, the etheric, as most embrace materialism and that region of space is dead, simple and transitory.  Why do people mope upon the ground when they could live in the heavens?  No, i liked the play, the powerful and robust but also honest dialogue.  Really well done.

"If our titles recall the known myths of antiquity, we have used them again because they are the eternal symbols upon which we must fall back to express basic psychological ideas."  Mark Rothko

Monday, 12 November 2012

FOR SALE- "The New World", 48" X 36"X 2", acrylic on canvas.  This extraordinary piece came together so easily, no struggle, no paint overs, adds or was an amazing piece to work on which came together like this 'flow'expereince.  I recall my gymnastics career where at some points the move or motion was 'perfect' in certain routines and similarly The New World came together all at once in this beautiful meant-to-be moment.  I was just the hand that was guided by something else- no doubt.  This piece has attracted lodes of attention (on Facebook and at the show) and i cant help but feel that others can feel the power that guided my hand in this piece.  Its the centre piece of the new exhibition and may be seen at Gary Green's shop Framing & Art Centre #6-200 Meadowood.    
Recent pictures from my gala opening of THE NEW WORLD which goes till January 2013 at Framing and Arts Centre #6-200 Meadowood in Winnipeg.  The exhibit features new works and has created some strong buzz- i'm very proud of the new pieces which received positive reviews.   
 Owner of Framing & Art Centre -Gary Green (left) and sponsor of THE NEW WORLD exhibition is one heck of a nice guy, amazing knowledge base of fine art, spirituality and probably one of the wisest guys i know!
 Here i am seen with Andre Thibeault (left), retired Marketing Executive from Bombardier and CN Rail, talk about character! This guy is amazing...the type of guy who would go somewhere and know everyone by the end of the night!
It was great to see Gerry Matte at my show with his wife Lydia, Gerry is an old friend from the 'hood' (Fort Rouge) and is a finance guy who owns his own insurance and financial planning services firm in Winnipeg.  He bought one of my pieces! Thanks Gerry! 

The Opening gala of THE NEW WORLD exhibition of my new work was fun and well attended.  Great to have friends Jarrett Lobley Musician & MD (left) & Rand Smith- Owner of River City Herbals -seen in middle- come out.  Its always important and appreciated to have family & friends come out and support their local artists.  
Some of my dear Freemasonic Brothers from Templum Sion Lodge of Freemasons- a Lodge i had founded a few years back which celebrates knowledge and personal development.   Seen from left are Jonathan Tkachuk, myself, Dan Garroni and Jason Gren.     
Ah, my dear friend Cheryl Janzen, terrific gal whom i'm also happy she was able to make time to swing by and visit the show.   

A shot of some of the ladies from the show, left to right- Jillian Gren, Cheryl Janzen, Lisa Thibeault (my significant other), her mom Celeste, Cre8ery Gallery Director and friend Jordan Miller and Brenda Thibeault.  Thank you for your support all!    

Monday, 5 November 2012

THE NEW WORLD exhibition starts this Friday Nov 9th at 8 PM- 10 PM @ #6-200 Framing & Art   Centre and continues to January 2013.  Thank you to my sponsor Mr. Garry Green who's a great patron of my work and a personal friend.

THE NEW WORLD Is an exhibition of new abstract pieces born of ideas and inspirations from ancient philosophers such as Hermes, Plato and Proclus, Shamans, Freemasons and Nobel Prize winning Chemists- Kary Mullis (Dancing Naked in the Mind Field- thanks for the book Rand!), Anthropologists- Gary Granzberg & Jeremy Naydler (Shamanic Wisdom in the Pyramid Texts-the Mystical Tradition of Ancient Egypt), Quantum Physicists and Systems Theorists like Irvin Laszlo and Neurosurgeon’s Eben Alexander (Proof of Heaven- A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife) and counter-cultural authors such as Daniel Pinchbeck (Breaking Open the Head and 2012- The Return of Quetzacoatl) who have all wondered, experienced and speculated.  Such leaders in science and spirituality have conceived that we ourselves, our world and the metaverse are so much more than we can imagine.  This vast new [and old] scientific and spiritual knowledge presents itself at a curious time of great social change, religious fundamentalism, potential environmental collapse, economic, financial and political upheaval curiously at a time of a “2012” mythos which ancient Mayans defined as a new time of revolutionary change.  What to make of these opportunities, challenges, paradoxes and predictions?  Perhaps we have to take pause and wonder that each of us has a responsibility in seeing with new eyes.  What constitutes being human and being conscious? What is reality, life or death? At the root, what Divine Creative or Intelligent Force surrounds us and permeates us?  If we dare to open our eyes, our hearts and minds, what will we see? And how will what we find change us?  THE NEW WORLD suggests we must all expereince a personal gnosis to come into direct contact with the “numinous” as Psychologist Carl Jung called it, the transcendental essence of all that is.  THE NEW WORLD won’t about come as result of waiting or wishing but rather by active intention to understand, dialogue, and expereince in a new and fundamentally different way.

I hope those who are interested can come on the gala opening, i also hope those who miss the opening come at some point (before the exhibition ends in January 2013) to take in visuals and ideas that cause them to think, seek and open.    

Monday, 29 October 2012

"Real vision is the ability to see the invisible."  Jonathan Swift

Monday, 15 October 2012

NEW piece- "The Hidden Beauty, Motion & Evolution of the Great Mother" 40"H X 30"W acrylic on canvas.  Selling for 375.00 and on public display at the Concordia Hospital.  10% of sale proceeds goes to the Hospitals Foundation.  Contact Ms. Leanne Juer for purchase at

I have been designing various pieces over the years that represents the power and mystery of the feminine power of the great "Mother" Gaia or perhaps known in other cultures as Sophia- the bestower of secrets and sacred knowledge.  I painted this piece in various shades of green to reflect nature and the undulations are the dance of the feminine or even the serpent, a long time cross-cultural symbol of life, creation and knowledge.  We find the double helix symbol of two intertwined serpents and Anthropologist Jeremy Narby writes in his fantastic book: The Cosmic Serpent-DNA and the Origins of Knowledge that the serpent "makes light of the sexes, and of the opposition of contraries; it is female and male too, a twin to itself, like so many of the important creator gods who are always in their first representation, cosmic serpents...Thus, the visible snake appears as merely the brief incarnation of a Great Invisible Serpent, which is casual and timeless, a master of the vital principle and of all the forces of nature.  It is a primary old god found at the beginning of all cosmogonies, before monotheism and reason toppled it."  The enormous serpent Typhon in Greek mythology is incarnation of the earth forces and the child of the earth goddess Gaia.  To South American Shamans the great anaconda Ronin surrounds the entire earth conceived as a giant disc that swims in the great waters.  The Taoists represented the caduceus with the yin-yang which symbolizes the coiling of two -serpentine and complimentary forms into a single androgynous principle.   From India to the Mediterranean the symbols of serpents entwined about a central axis represented the art of healing and even today the caduceus remains a prominent symbol in Western medicine.   The piece represents many things in many ways- the mythological serpent, the feminine spiritual and hidden power of the Earth, light & darkness and the constantly evolving biological mechanisms found within nature.        

Saturday, 13 October 2012

"Wisdom" 24" X 24" acrylic on canvas.  SOLD-  this piece was sold to a discriminating client of deep spiritual belief who took to the painting immediately.   Wisdom is a piece that speaks to the interior nature of spiritual and objective knowledge which i believe permeates many "fields" of space.  Dr. Ervin Laszlo in his amazing book Science and the Akashic Field-an Integral Theory of Everything  speaks of a vast fundamental meta-universal field of energy and knowledge that is highly coherent and integrated much like a vast living organism.  "A cosmic field that underlies and links all things in the world is a perennial intuition, present in traditional cosmologies and metaphysics.  The ancients knew that space is not empty: it is the origin and the memory of all things that exist or have ever existed." The image is elegant, with depth, motion, and a notion that all portions of elements are 'connected'.


Thursday, 11 October 2012

NEW PIECE "Luminous Mystery" 18" X 18" acrylic on canvas and for sale ($250.00) and on public display at the Concordia Hospital.  10% of sale proceeds goes to the Hospitals Foundation.  Contact Ms. Leanne Juer for purchase at

I really like this piece, it was difficult to see the piece leave my living room wall where many fresh new pieces display after coming down from the studio. Its always terribly heart wrenching to see them leave- like a parent seeing their child leave the nest.  There's a primitive visceral feel to this piece, something ancient yet something modern, a futuristic hieroglyphic.  Its related in style to an earlier piece i did- "Equinox", similiar but different.  I also have a large canvas that i'm currently working on that is similiar in style that i have on the go in the studio.  I've been working on pieces like "Luminous Mystery" all summer that are lighter in colour, have a 'summer feel' and full of playful positive energetic light.  If you see this piece up close it is heavily textured, course, with many paint layers  so it contains a certain depth, a certain character.              
The Phenomena of 2012

I have been struck by the eloquence and brilliance of author Daniel Pinchbeck in his 2012: The Return of Quetzacoatl which has successfully embraced so many diverse ideas, indeed while conventional media and the public dwell on 2012 as the date of the 'end of the world' i think we have to take a deep breath and take a lead from Pinchbeck and his researches.  We do know that the ancients, regardless of the culture, shared a common idea of cyclic not linear time, that the natural world and our universe follow cycles from birth, youth, maturity, to death/sleep, and renewal (it has its correspondence in our seasons- of spring, summer, fall, winter and spring once more, to cosmological cycles of the birth, life, collapse and explosive rebirths of universes, and even has correspondence in Freemasonic ritual/structure).  Today, we do see potential collapse or impending change applicable to all sectors of our current civilization- economic and political changes, significant environmental changes, indeed the signs are upon us this current civilization can't sustain itself as it has without dire consequences.  At the same time of impending collapse and revolutionary change, we find a dawning new consciousness sprouting globally that is counter-cultural to what has existed by way of new technology, science, culture (ie: in integral and transpersonal art which celebrates knowledge, beauty and the sacred that is counter to the empty, materialist, pessimistic art movements of the 20th century), economic models that offers us humanity a shift in a positive direction to a new age of freedom and liberation.  It is curious to find that correspondent to what is happening in the world today we have sacred writings that indicate or point towards coming changes.  The ancients predicted successive ages of change as the Mayans predicted a new dawning Fifth Age set to begin on or about Dec 21st 2012.  Astrologers have long known of the Platonic year (a time period of approximately 25,800 years) and each Platonic year was divided into twelve periods of 2,150 years with the new age of Aquarius begin on or about the end of the 20th century.  Mayans and astrologers alike knew and expected change with each successive cycle passing and beginning.  It should be pointed out that NO new age comes 'cleanly after a definitive period-for example the transition between the Picean era (the current era we are leaving) and the Aquarian age (which we are entering is expected to take almost 200 years give or take.  Rather than getting wrapped up in holocaust scenarios practiced by dogmatic or obsolete religious models informing us of an forever impending apocalypse or Anti-Christ that never seems to come i believe reason and logic should prevail and rather than asking ourselves how and when we think the world will end, we should rather be spending our time influencing and working with how it will change.  Curious that the Aquarian Age is said to be a period defined by 'brotherhood' (a coming together of humanity) and communication (interesting to note how the internet and social networking is currently evolving) as well as pronounced feminism (unlike the Picean Age which among other things was defined by Patriarchal domination) and spirituality.  As Pinchbeck writes: "..the only way we can avoid or mitigate the likely effects of imminent cataclysm is through rapid evolution of collective intelligence."  As he further states: [American scientist/inventor] "Buckminster Fuller liked to say that you do not change a system by criticizing it: If you really want to change things, you find ways to make the old model obsolete."  The real message of 2012 is that change will always be around us, but how can we rationally, intelligently and collectively deal with these changes in a positive and beneficial way?  My own contribution as an independent person is to deliver a message through my transpersonal art and personally practice leaving a smaller footprint on the world- water harvesting, home gardening, using less gas/electricity through conservation, insulating my home, using energy saving devices etc.  The great lesson of 2012, i believe, is to help facilitate beneficial and intelligent improvement in your community ("Think globally act locally"), change your consciousness and be aware of the qualities inside of you and all around you to try to do better and be better.  I am reminded of the Gnostic wisdom of the Nag Hammadi Scrolls "Gospel of Thomas"(still considered heretical writings by the Catholic Church) in which the apostle Thomas asks Jesus when will the Kingdom of Heaven come down to earth?   Jesus enigmatically answers "what you ask for is already here and all around you but men do not see it." In other words, the Kingdom is already here but it is what we see, or perhaps don't see, that must be changed [our consciousness] or improved.  The "Kingdom of God" will not come down to earth by some external influence that is to be waited for or anticipated, it is to be fostered and built by our own collective action here and now.  I believe enlightened Gnostics knew this as much as Mayans and other spiritually influenced cultures and people around the planet but it is time that humanity woke up, matured and take responsibility for what it is and should be, begin to work towards building a paradise on earth together.


Tuesday, 9 October 2012

This is a shot from my 2009 exhibition at the cre8ery gallery run by Ms. Jordan Miller.  Seen here with Tim Freeman (right).  We both serve on the board of LIGHT ( a charitable Canadian organization which fosters growth, learning and change in individuals and communities.  

"Nature Loves to Hide" 16" X 16" acrylic on canvas- SOLD.  This title of this piece is actually a quote by a pre-Socratic Greek Philosopher Heraclitus of Ephesus (c.535- c.475 BCE) whom i admire for his mystical and transcendental writings.  This painting is darker, mysterious yet playful and in motion reflecting the deep secrets and nature of Nature itself.  Nature does not easily give up her secrets and there is much indeed to know and investigate through science but also through a less scientific but subjective transcendental approach.  And i speak specifically to such wonderful books as "The Cosmic Serpent" by Anthropologist Jeremy Narby or a long forgotten book "The Secret Life of Plants" published in the 70's by Tompkins & Bird.  Fundamental consciousness, energies and realms of other dimensions lies all around us and connect every living and even 'non-living' thing -a basic idea the bulk of humanity hasn't become cognizant of yet and this painting, and others like it (in my 'Nature' series) visually speak to these fundamental concepts.    
I read a terrific article by Ms. Carol Ann Raphael who comments in an article she wrote called "the Beauty We Create" (Enlightenment Next magazine, March/May 2009).  Historically art & beauty were synonymous but with the chaos of the First World War the Dadaists [anti-war, anti-bourgeois avant-garde leftist movement] reacted to the horrors of war by rejecting beauty and meaning.  And what became valued on a large scale was the "shock of the new" (Art Critic Robert Hughes) or "objects & images that flaunt their disdain for beauty and serious content and universal truth" which were selling and popular.

However, since the 20th century the return and recognition of the importance of beauty as a central consideration which can benefit art, to provide it with purpose and meaning, Ms. Raphael comments can connect us to something deep & fundamental.  Visionary, scientist, priest Pierre De Chardin wrote: "more primordial than any idea, beauty will be manifested as the herald and generator of ideas."  Chardin seems to have known the importance and impact of beauty and the power of art which imbeds it.  Beauty seems to have a life and quality unto itself that is or can be deeply spiritual and evolutionary in function- indeed a power to generate life and ideas.   Ms. Raphael rightly comments in my humble opinion that "restoring the centrality of beauty in art may signal more than visual relief from the tawdriness of todays [postmodern] art."  Perhaps we can begin to see a pendulum swing in a better direction that takes us from 'art' that might be defined as inhuman (hanging animal carcasses), shocking (religious icons submerged in urine) or flagrant (British Artist Damien Hirst's $100 million dollar human skull cast in platinum and studded with diamonds) to a deeper, meaningful or transcendental art which connects us to ourselves, or speaks to larger aspects of consciousness and the meaning of life.  I think an art form where i can celebrate beauty, mysticism and the unknown wonders of our existence is one that i can contribute to and be proud of.                    

Monday, 8 October 2012

A NEW PIECE- "Axis Mundi VII" is another new piece, acrylic on paper 22" X 30"and currently on display and for sale at the Concordia Hospital in Winnipeg.  Contact Ms. Leanne Juer at for purchase details ($450.00 includes black metal frame/white matte or $250.00 without frame).  I keep this concept of Axis Mundi in my stable as a regular vertical geometric design that i paint which hints at a non-material transconscious environment that exists just beyond the veil of ordinary consciousness.

I love the concept as it speaks to ancient ideas that an axis runs between heave and earth, between the physical plane and that of an unseen spiritual plane.  The Hebrew Kabbalah relates that when God wanted to know itself it had split itself from a singular entity into two (or more) and at that moment the physical universe(s) came into being.  God created a central axis or 'tele' upon which everything revolved.  The axis mundi has been depicted culturally/symbolically in many different ways -it is the North Star upon which all the stars revolve around; Jacob's Ladder in the Old Testament from which Jacob had his lucid dream and he 'saw' heavenly beings coming and going between the earthly plane and that of the higher planes; it is depicted as an omphalos stone (a naval of the world) of the ancient Greeks; it has been depicted as a vine, serpent, winding stairway, maypole, tree, totem, pillar or sacred altar found at the centre of every Freemasonic Lodge (their altar symbolic of the Ark of the Covanent) which connects the earthly plane to the heavenly.  There is indeed beauty and power in this symbol of connection.


A NEW piece- "The Monolithic Secret Descending" 18" X 18" acrylic on canvas.  I think its a great piece, feels superb and like any activity you intuitively know when you have 'hit it'.  It 'feels right'.  Its currently on public display at the Concordia Hospital with 10% of sales going to support the Hospital's Foundation.  Selling for $275.00.  Contact Ms. Leanne Juer for purchase at 
I believe being a transpersonal artist involves the synthesis of so many things- representing all manner of ideas, philosophies, sciences into a visual representation built with sacred and personal intention.  

I saw this really great definition of Transpersonal Psychology (Wikipedia) which is perfectly aligned to the visual artist who practices with this orientation: "A school of psychology that studies the transpersonal, self-transcendent, or spiritual aspects of the human expereince; transpersonal experiences may be defined as experiences in which the sense of identity or self extends beyond (trans) the individual or personal to encompass wider aspects of humankind, life, psyche or cosmos."      
Its great to have a blog to relate ideas, thoughts on my art and life and upcoming events.