Monday, 15 October 2012

NEW piece- "The Hidden Beauty, Motion & Evolution of the Great Mother" 40"H X 30"W acrylic on canvas.  Selling for 375.00 and on public display at the Concordia Hospital.  10% of sale proceeds goes to the Hospitals Foundation.  Contact Ms. Leanne Juer for purchase at

I have been designing various pieces over the years that represents the power and mystery of the feminine power of the great "Mother" Gaia or perhaps known in other cultures as Sophia- the bestower of secrets and sacred knowledge.  I painted this piece in various shades of green to reflect nature and the undulations are the dance of the feminine or even the serpent, a long time cross-cultural symbol of life, creation and knowledge.  We find the double helix symbol of two intertwined serpents and Anthropologist Jeremy Narby writes in his fantastic book: The Cosmic Serpent-DNA and the Origins of Knowledge that the serpent "makes light of the sexes, and of the opposition of contraries; it is female and male too, a twin to itself, like so many of the important creator gods who are always in their first representation, cosmic serpents...Thus, the visible snake appears as merely the brief incarnation of a Great Invisible Serpent, which is casual and timeless, a master of the vital principle and of all the forces of nature.  It is a primary old god found at the beginning of all cosmogonies, before monotheism and reason toppled it."  The enormous serpent Typhon in Greek mythology is incarnation of the earth forces and the child of the earth goddess Gaia.  To South American Shamans the great anaconda Ronin surrounds the entire earth conceived as a giant disc that swims in the great waters.  The Taoists represented the caduceus with the yin-yang which symbolizes the coiling of two -serpentine and complimentary forms into a single androgynous principle.   From India to the Mediterranean the symbols of serpents entwined about a central axis represented the art of healing and even today the caduceus remains a prominent symbol in Western medicine.   The piece represents many things in many ways- the mythological serpent, the feminine spiritual and hidden power of the Earth, light & darkness and the constantly evolving biological mechanisms found within nature.        

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