Tuesday, 19 November 2013

NEW! "The Energetic Field" original abstract acrylic on paper. 8"H X 28"W  $200.00.  The energetic field speaks to the constant flow of energy and the creation of matter from the very vacuum of space.    
"We must seek for knowledge where we may expect to find it. He who wants to study the book of Nature must wander with his feet over the leaves. Every part of the world represents a page in this book, and all the pages together form the Book that contains her great revelations."

NEW! Abstract "Nebulae" 3'H X 4'W X 1" original acrylic on canvas.   $900.00.  Nebulae pulls you in and implies vast space but also points to reflection, self awareness and endless.  It is purely mystical and resonant.  A powerful piece.   On display and for sale at the Mona Lisa Restorante till the end of Oct/15.

Monday, 18 November 2013

NEW! The "Great Spirit" 24"X24" acrylic on deep canvas.  On display and for sale at Mona Lisa Restorante till the end of Oct/15.    
INSPIRATION & INTENTION-  My own muse is observation, reading & reflection.  I study the mythology of all cultures, the spiritual and initiatic disciplines of Kabbalah, Sufism, Shamanism and Freemasonry, ancient history, ancient, classical and modern architecture and design, high technology,  quantum science and theories...all of this brings to my mind wonder and understanding, and of course, still more questions.  This activity then sparks a mode of being that moves me to create and in turn to inquire even further.   There's a constant loop of intentional looking outward and inward that serves to generate my visual representations.  This observation and inquiry 'fills' my mind and spirit that in turn fuels the art which reflects beauty, harmony and intention.  The out ward feeds the inward and the whole feed the parts.  Its a pretty exciting paradigm of growth, change and understanding that feeds creation and beauty i think.

NEW! "Continous Flow" 30"x 30"x2" acrylic on canvas and will be one display and for sale at Mona Lisa Restaurant on Corydon for the month of December.

NEW -Two pieces on display and for sale at Chad Cornells "Hollow Reed" Holistic Shop on Corydon & Lilac.  Both are small and priced at $200.00 and $300.00 respectively.  Both are acrylic on canvas and organic light and bright in style and representation.  

NEW- "Niege du Novembre" 36"H X 48"W X 1".  Abstract acrylic on canvas.  Was on public display at the Concordia Hospital Cafeteria but i donated to raise money for their fund raising Concordia Foundation initiatives.      

SOLD. "Ilysium." Acrylic on canvas.  36"H X 30"W X 2".  Illysium in Greek mythology was a place or condition of ideal happiness.

NEW! "Shaman" Acrylic abstract on canvas.  30"H X 22"W X 1". $500.00 on sale and fr purchase at the Mona Lisa Restorante till end of Oct/15.   This modern abstract represents the power and mystery of the Shaman or healer, mystic, visionary and one whom is known to enter into altered states of consciousness.