Saturday, 17 November 2012

RED-  I saw the play "Red" last night at the Royal MB Theatre Centre in Winnipeg, second last night of the play and i had to see it.  I felt for some weeks that there was some reason that i had to go---and in retrospect i'm glad that i did.  The story follows a moment in time of the famous and self-taught American abstract artist Mark Rothko (1903-1970) and the dialogue he has about art and life with his assistant Ken.  Beautifully played by actor Oliver Becker the play takes place in the artists studio during a time in 1958 when the Seagrams company completed their corporate HQ and commissioned him to make some paintings for the buildings luxury restaurant the Four Seasons.   Rothko was uneasy about making the paintings for the enjoyment of wealthy diners- people who may not 'see' or even try to make an attempt to connect to work he felt transcended the mundane.   As a visual artist i could totally relate.  The writing was clever and astute zeroing in many of the philosophical aspects of making art that changes or otherwise impacts people's psyche.  The play was a demonstration of Rothko's ego and his integrity, his ambition but also his authentic nature playing out.  

I think i understood the reasons for his anguish and frustration much as i am today with why more people cant see the truth in art & architecture--the sacred, the etheric, as most embrace materialism and that region of space is dead, simple and transitory.  Why do people mope upon the ground when they could live in the heavens?  No, i liked the play, the powerful and robust but also honest dialogue.  Really well done.

"If our titles recall the known myths of antiquity, we have used them again because they are the eternal symbols upon which we must fall back to express basic psychological ideas."  Mark Rothko

Monday, 12 November 2012

FOR SALE- "The New World", 48" X 36"X 2", acrylic on canvas.  This extraordinary piece came together so easily, no struggle, no paint overs, adds or was an amazing piece to work on which came together like this 'flow'expereince.  I recall my gymnastics career where at some points the move or motion was 'perfect' in certain routines and similarly The New World came together all at once in this beautiful meant-to-be moment.  I was just the hand that was guided by something else- no doubt.  This piece has attracted lodes of attention (on Facebook and at the show) and i cant help but feel that others can feel the power that guided my hand in this piece.  Its the centre piece of the new exhibition and may be seen at Gary Green's shop Framing & Art Centre #6-200 Meadowood.    
Recent pictures from my gala opening of THE NEW WORLD which goes till January 2013 at Framing and Arts Centre #6-200 Meadowood in Winnipeg.  The exhibit features new works and has created some strong buzz- i'm very proud of the new pieces which received positive reviews.   
 Owner of Framing & Art Centre -Gary Green (left) and sponsor of THE NEW WORLD exhibition is one heck of a nice guy, amazing knowledge base of fine art, spirituality and probably one of the wisest guys i know!
 Here i am seen with Andre Thibeault (left), retired Marketing Executive from Bombardier and CN Rail, talk about character! This guy is amazing...the type of guy who would go somewhere and know everyone by the end of the night!
It was great to see Gerry Matte at my show with his wife Lydia, Gerry is an old friend from the 'hood' (Fort Rouge) and is a finance guy who owns his own insurance and financial planning services firm in Winnipeg.  He bought one of my pieces! Thanks Gerry! 

The Opening gala of THE NEW WORLD exhibition of my new work was fun and well attended.  Great to have friends Jarrett Lobley Musician & MD (left) & Rand Smith- Owner of River City Herbals -seen in middle- come out.  Its always important and appreciated to have family & friends come out and support their local artists.  
Some of my dear Freemasonic Brothers from Templum Sion Lodge of Freemasons- a Lodge i had founded a few years back which celebrates knowledge and personal development.   Seen from left are Jonathan Tkachuk, myself, Dan Garroni and Jason Gren.     
Ah, my dear friend Cheryl Janzen, terrific gal whom i'm also happy she was able to make time to swing by and visit the show.   

A shot of some of the ladies from the show, left to right- Jillian Gren, Cheryl Janzen, Lisa Thibeault (my significant other), her mom Celeste, Cre8ery Gallery Director and friend Jordan Miller and Brenda Thibeault.  Thank you for your support all!    

Monday, 5 November 2012

THE NEW WORLD exhibition starts this Friday Nov 9th at 8 PM- 10 PM @ #6-200 Framing & Art   Centre and continues to January 2013.  Thank you to my sponsor Mr. Garry Green who's a great patron of my work and a personal friend.

THE NEW WORLD Is an exhibition of new abstract pieces born of ideas and inspirations from ancient philosophers such as Hermes, Plato and Proclus, Shamans, Freemasons and Nobel Prize winning Chemists- Kary Mullis (Dancing Naked in the Mind Field- thanks for the book Rand!), Anthropologists- Gary Granzberg & Jeremy Naydler (Shamanic Wisdom in the Pyramid Texts-the Mystical Tradition of Ancient Egypt), Quantum Physicists and Systems Theorists like Irvin Laszlo and Neurosurgeon’s Eben Alexander (Proof of Heaven- A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife) and counter-cultural authors such as Daniel Pinchbeck (Breaking Open the Head and 2012- The Return of Quetzacoatl) who have all wondered, experienced and speculated.  Such leaders in science and spirituality have conceived that we ourselves, our world and the metaverse are so much more than we can imagine.  This vast new [and old] scientific and spiritual knowledge presents itself at a curious time of great social change, religious fundamentalism, potential environmental collapse, economic, financial and political upheaval curiously at a time of a “2012” mythos which ancient Mayans defined as a new time of revolutionary change.  What to make of these opportunities, challenges, paradoxes and predictions?  Perhaps we have to take pause and wonder that each of us has a responsibility in seeing with new eyes.  What constitutes being human and being conscious? What is reality, life or death? At the root, what Divine Creative or Intelligent Force surrounds us and permeates us?  If we dare to open our eyes, our hearts and minds, what will we see? And how will what we find change us?  THE NEW WORLD suggests we must all expereince a personal gnosis to come into direct contact with the “numinous” as Psychologist Carl Jung called it, the transcendental essence of all that is.  THE NEW WORLD won’t about come as result of waiting or wishing but rather by active intention to understand, dialogue, and expereince in a new and fundamentally different way.

I hope those who are interested can come on the gala opening, i also hope those who miss the opening come at some point (before the exhibition ends in January 2013) to take in visuals and ideas that cause them to think, seek and open.