Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Over holidays in Hualtuco, Mexico i had the opportunity to read
Apollo Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell's "The Way of the Explorer-
An Apollo Astronaut's Journey through the Material & Mystical Worlds."
I have to say it was really eye opening regards to his thoughts and conceptions on the nature of reality and consciousness based upon
experimental evidence from a number of varying scientific disciplines.

He is founder of the Institute of Noetic Sciences aimed at the systematic
study of the nature of consciousness.  Mitchell contends that the physical universe was created to evolve to higher levels.  Rene Decartes famously stated "I think therefore i am" Edgar Mitchell relates "As we may think, therefore reality is."  He integrates consciousness into a unified quantum field theory that also speaks to the Zero Point Energy field which may a go a long way in explaining such phenomena as paranormal abilities
documented in humans, precognition, OBE, NDE or reincarnation.
Reincarnation for example may not actually be souls coming back to the physical realm again and again but perhaps our consciousness is accessing information or memories from a collective nonlocal source very similiar to what Buddhists have spoken of as an etherial "Akashic Library" that contains all information of everything that has ever existed.   His conceptions are clear and brilliant and have much in common with my favoured Systems Theorist Dr. Irvin Laszlo (Science and the Akashic Field) and Rupert Sheldrake's Morphogenic Field.

I am so inspired by these leading edge theories and ideas that motivate me to visualize in a fundamental fashion.  The narrative of my paintings are meant to propel observers towards seeking meaning, seeking light.  I would agree with Mitchell that the only way our civilization is going to evolve by revolutionizing our value system.  We can't afford to be entrenched entirely in a materialistic world view or a religious paradigm that is divorced from evidence based reality.  Rather science and spirituality must come together and take collective responsibility for its destiny in a larger and broader sense.   I believe holotropic art such as mine as well as others can help motivate and educate people towards something else, something more that refines and enlarges.

NEW piece "Becoming Light" 30" X 40" X 2"acrylic on canvas.

Becoming Light is a larger canvas that brings luminescence and brightness to a space.  It speaks to the wave nature of light itself as structured and pervasive through material space.   Like a lot of pieces of mine this piece glows with etheric power and displays positive attributes of joy, wonder and knowledge.

Friday, 8 February 2013

"Art without knowledge is nothing" Jean Mignot (Gothic Master builder from Paris, addressing architects in Milan in 1398).

SOLD!  "Complexity & Mystery" 24" X 24" acrylic on canvas.

I really like this piece which gets stronger and stronger the more i peer into it.  Its been hanging now for a few weeks in my living room which i like to do to "vet" a piece..i like to live with it for a while and see what energy its providing before i decide if it is 'worthy' to move into the world or not ...I feel i definitely "hit this one" as i created layer upon layer before finally slowing and slowing to let this piece evolve by itself.  There's movement and mystery, depth, light and beautiful subtleties to this piece.

FOR SALE- "Summer Dream" 30" X 36" acrylic on canvas.  This is a new piece that celebrates the beauty and mystery of light.  Contact me if you are interested in purchasing this piece.  Thanks!
I'm so delighted that THE NEW WORLD exhibit continues at Gary Greens Framing & Art Centre on Meadowood in St. Vital (across from Chapters at St. Vital Centre).  A few pieces have sold after the initial gala opening and a few more since then but new pieces are up and being refreshed!  Please go down and have a look!

SOLD- "Mandala of Life" 48" X 48" acrylic on canvas was sold recently at Gary Greens Framing & Art Centre!  Thank you so much, apparently the gent and his wife were very taken with the piece.  I tend to like the larger pieces as they are so bright and powerful.  A talisman that can add real energy to a space.