Monday, 12 November 2012

FOR SALE- "The New World", 48" X 36"X 2", acrylic on canvas.  This extraordinary piece came together so easily, no struggle, no paint overs, adds or was an amazing piece to work on which came together like this 'flow'expereince.  I recall my gymnastics career where at some points the move or motion was 'perfect' in certain routines and similarly The New World came together all at once in this beautiful meant-to-be moment.  I was just the hand that was guided by something else- no doubt.  This piece has attracted lodes of attention (on Facebook and at the show) and i cant help but feel that others can feel the power that guided my hand in this piece.  Its the centre piece of the new exhibition and may be seen at Gary Green's shop Framing & Art Centre #6-200 Meadowood.    

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