Monday, 18 November 2013

INSPIRATION & INTENTION-  My own muse is observation, reading & reflection.  I study the mythology of all cultures, the spiritual and initiatic disciplines of Kabbalah, Sufism, Shamanism and Freemasonry, ancient history, ancient, classical and modern architecture and design, high technology,  quantum science and theories...all of this brings to my mind wonder and understanding, and of course, still more questions.  This activity then sparks a mode of being that moves me to create and in turn to inquire even further.   There's a constant loop of intentional looking outward and inward that serves to generate my visual representations.  This observation and inquiry 'fills' my mind and spirit that in turn fuels the art which reflects beauty, harmony and intention.  The out ward feeds the inward and the whole feed the parts.  Its a pretty exciting paradigm of growth, change and understanding that feeds creation and beauty i think.

NEW! "Continous Flow" 30"x 30"x2" acrylic on canvas and will be one display and for sale at Mona Lisa Restaurant on Corydon for the month of December.

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