Monday, 8 October 2012

A NEW PIECE- "Axis Mundi VII" is another new piece, acrylic on paper 22" X 30"and currently on display and for sale at the Concordia Hospital in Winnipeg.  Contact Ms. Leanne Juer at for purchase details ($450.00 includes black metal frame/white matte or $250.00 without frame).  I keep this concept of Axis Mundi in my stable as a regular vertical geometric design that i paint which hints at a non-material transconscious environment that exists just beyond the veil of ordinary consciousness.

I love the concept as it speaks to ancient ideas that an axis runs between heave and earth, between the physical plane and that of an unseen spiritual plane.  The Hebrew Kabbalah relates that when God wanted to know itself it had split itself from a singular entity into two (or more) and at that moment the physical universe(s) came into being.  God created a central axis or 'tele' upon which everything revolved.  The axis mundi has been depicted culturally/symbolically in many different ways -it is the North Star upon which all the stars revolve around; Jacob's Ladder in the Old Testament from which Jacob had his lucid dream and he 'saw' heavenly beings coming and going between the earthly plane and that of the higher planes; it is depicted as an omphalos stone (a naval of the world) of the ancient Greeks; it has been depicted as a vine, serpent, winding stairway, maypole, tree, totem, pillar or sacred altar found at the centre of every Freemasonic Lodge (their altar symbolic of the Ark of the Covanent) which connects the earthly plane to the heavenly.  There is indeed beauty and power in this symbol of connection.


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