Thursday, 11 October 2012

NEW PIECE "Luminous Mystery" 18" X 18" acrylic on canvas and for sale ($250.00) and on public display at the Concordia Hospital.  10% of sale proceeds goes to the Hospitals Foundation.  Contact Ms. Leanne Juer for purchase at

I really like this piece, it was difficult to see the piece leave my living room wall where many fresh new pieces display after coming down from the studio. Its always terribly heart wrenching to see them leave- like a parent seeing their child leave the nest.  There's a primitive visceral feel to this piece, something ancient yet something modern, a futuristic hieroglyphic.  Its related in style to an earlier piece i did- "Equinox", similiar but different.  I also have a large canvas that i'm currently working on that is similiar in style that i have on the go in the studio.  I've been working on pieces like "Luminous Mystery" all summer that are lighter in colour, have a 'summer feel' and full of playful positive energetic light.  If you see this piece up close it is heavily textured, course, with many paint layers  so it contains a certain depth, a certain character.              

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