Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Quantum Weirdness and Changing States of Consciousness...

There is little doubt in my own mind that language and civilisation itself arose out of a shift in consciousness brought about by some form of proto shamanism, approximately 40,000 years ago.   Reading Graham Hancock's Supernatural -Ancient Teachers of Humanity and more (Greek Mysteries-the archaeology and ritual of ancient Greek Mystery Cults by Michael B Cosmopoulos) and the works of psychiatrist Benny Shannon, the beginnings of organised religions (awareness of or a belief in higher intelligences) it seems humans have been dousing their nervous systems with entheogens since at least 30,000 BCE.  Whether North or South American, African, Australian Aboriginals, pre-Vedic Hindu's, Eleusinian Mystery Initiations of Greece or even anointing/King making ceremonies as described by the Pyramid Texts of Unas (4300 BCE) as related by Anthropologist Jeremy Naydler (Shamanic Wisdom of the Pyramid Texts) we find  people engaging in contact with other intelligences aided by mushrooms, soma, peyote cactus, eboga, ayahuasca and other DMT and related entheogens.   The catalogue is substantive, over 2,000 different varieties of chemicals may be found around the world and i believe it can be safely said a definitive link between use of the substances and a belief in higher or intra-dimensional intelligences are the most probably basis for what we find is ritual based religion's existing today.

Even more curious is the basis of all forms of religious and ecstatic experience where people report contact with all forms of altered state intelligences- magical beings, UFO beings, the Virgin Mary and Jesus, Buddha, all forms of beings seem to be seen, but how is this possible?  To be sure human beings around the world ARE having a genuine experience and seeing something but what?  How to explain the phenomena except when one begins to realise that it may be higher forms of consciousness or beings that are intra-dimensional that we interpret through our own nervous systems based also upon own cultural backgrounds?  Scientist Jacques Valle published his own scientific thoughts based on studies and found that indeed we are having experiences of some kind and that may be because of our own nervous systems generating its own brand of reality based upon cultural conditioning imprinted upon our consciousness.

Collating the research by several thousand scientific researchers on all majour continents over a period of decades we can come to some conclusions:
1) that evidence can be explained by Bell's Theorum: that parallel universes seem to be presenting themselves or we are accessing them in some fashion (a plausible explanation); OR/AND;
2) some human beings with highly evolved psychic powers are somehow manipulating reality (which i doubt very much as i think the bulk of humanity and even the smart ones aren't that smart/intelligent or spiritually capable of such influence or if they were that greatly adept wouldn't be screwing around in such a manner) OR;
3) we are being contacted or experimented upon by beings from another dimension or world (doubtful) OR;
4) we share this planet with other intelligent species which remain invisible or manifest themselves in forms in any way they choose (some call these "Ultra-Terrestrials") called fairies, demons, angels (I'm not sold but maybe, who knows?) OR;
5) We are evolving into a newer state of evolution with altered neural circuitry.  This activation is already happening as exemplified in new temporal states of temporary weirdness that seem to be happening at an increasing rate for some- objects appear, disappear, extra-sensory experiences, synchronicity;
6) a combination or permutation of one or two, some of the above.

To be sure i speculate as Alan Watts, Niels Bohr do that reality seems to be plural, malleable or mutable, its certainly not fixed which then really gives theologians, priests, philosopher's and scientists plenty of grief or fodder.  The notion that reality is singular and fixed in some hermetically sealed container is inaccurate.  Rather if matter evolves so too do energy systems (Living Energy Universe by Dr. Shwartz & Dr. Russek).  Writer Robert A. Wilson writes: "The only 'realities' (plural) that we actually experience and can talk meaningfully about are perceived realities, experienced realities, existential realities- realities involving ourselves as editors- and they are all relative to the observer, fluctuating, evolving, capable of being magnified and enriched, moving from low resolution to hi-fi, and do not fit together like the pieces of a jig-saw into one single Reality with a capital R."

Given all this information and ideas of so many models of realities, existence and consciousness i find useful to think that any model we do construct MUST include and be validated by science, by also by personal expereince as discovered through a Hermetic, Magick, Gnostic, Kabbalistic Philosophy and Shamanic entheogenic process.  "Learning to die before we die" infers we must come to consciousness while we are individuated in our bodies using our minds and spirits to their utmost to expereince reality- whatever that may be and wherever it may lead us---but it will surely lead us to a greater understanding of ourselves, our true nature, the creator, and our ultimate destiny.            



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